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Bubble Tea

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea is a national beverage of Taiwanese people, which has become well established in the gastronomic culture not only of Asia, but also of Europe, both Americas, Australia, and even Africa. The delicacy is hidden under many names, the most popular being Boba Tea and Bubble Tea. 

Bubble tea in its classic version is an infusion of tea leaves with addition of tapioca balls and milk. Today's bubble tea is very different from its pioneering edition. Contemporary bubble tea comes in a variety of flavors and as an addition to the tea base we can add whatever we feel like. Most often these are fruit juices and syrups, tapioca, popping boba, but also ice cream, jellies, jellies, honey, chocolate, cocoa, ginger and vanilla.

Bubble Tea Accessories

Bubble Tea accessories are useful both in restaurants and at home. The Bubble Tea starter set consists of a large, high, tapered glass and a thick straw matching the size of tapioca balls and popping bob. Glass or metal straws are great in this role. The taste of Bubble Tea depends on the additives used. The most common are tapioca balls, bob popping and fruit syrups. 

A set for Bubble Tea and all necessary accessories and accessories can be found in our store's offer, which we invite you to familiarize yourself with.

How to make Bubble Tea at home?

Preparing Bubble Tea at home does not require much time or money. Homemade Bubble Tea can be as tasty and impressive as it is ordered in a restaurant. To prepare Bubble Tea at home, you need a glass of large volume, a specially dedicated thick straw, good quality black tea, tapioca balls or popping bob and any accessories that suit your individual taste preferences. 

We add tapioca balls (black - instant or white - requiring cooking) or popping boba to the tea infusion, followed by a few of our favourite additions such as fruit syrup, honey, sugar, chocolate, ginger or vanilla. Bubble Tea can be served hot or cold with ice cubes. 

What is on offer in our store?

Our store offers a wide and varied range of products necessary for preparing Bubble Tea. You will find here both individual accessories and ingredients for Bubble Tea Bubble Tea, as well as all the required products necessary to complete a ready-made starter set.

How much does Bubble Tea cost?

The price of Bubble Tea depends on whether we order the drink in the restaurant or prepare it ourselves. 

at home. Bubble Tea served "in the city" usually costs several zlotys. Homemade Bubble Tea requires the supply of necessary ingredients in one of the Bubble Tea stores. The investment pays for itself quickly, and the purchased ingredients are enough to produce even several dozen of home bubble teas.

Black tapioca pearls Bubble Tea 1 kg
Black tapioca pearls are the traditional staple ingredient of every bubble tea. Our tapioca comes straight from the world bubble tea capital - Taiwan. Now you can enjoy a delicious Taiwanese drink at home, preparing it with your loved ones!

30 servings of Bubble Tea!
White raw tapioca pearls Bubble Tea 400 kg
Large tapioca granules for Bubble Tea. Also used as an addition to desserts, pancakes, pudding, pudding and as a thickener for soups and sauces

When cooked, the starch balls swell and become transparent.

Country of origin: Thailand
Net weight: 400 g
Ingredients: cassava starch, water