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Popping Boba

What is Bob's Popping?

Popping Boba is a small gel beads with fruit syrup used to produce the popular Bubble Tea. Boba balls are also known as: Bubble Tea balls, Bubble Tea caviar or fruit molecular caviar. These terms owe their unique texture, i.e. delicate, "popping" coating and delicious fruit syrup inside. Bob's popping, or "bursting balls", is not only an integral part of the Bubble Tea, but also all kinds of desserts and drinks, such as smoothies, alcohol-based drinks or milk shakes. Molecular caviar in its form is also suitable for direct consumption.

What are Bubble Tea fruit balls made of?

Molecular caviar for Bubble Tea from our offer is produced only from certified and completely safe ingredients. The outer part of Bob's Popping Bob is made of seaweed extract which forms a thin, gel-like and easily cracked under pressure coating. The inside of the Bubble Tea is filled with fruit syrup. Thanks to the appropriately selected proportion of individual ingredients, Bob balls are not overly sweet and offer a satisfactory variety of taste.

How to make Bubble Tea without tapioca?

In the original Taiwanese recipe bubble tea is made on the basis of black tea with addition of tapioca balls. However, the fame of the drink has long since surpassed Taiwan and Bubble Tea has been available in various variants depending on its latitude. Today, tapioca is no longer an ingredient without which tea with bubbles is not a valid ingredient. Its most popular substitute is nowadays the fruit balls for Bubble Tea, or Popping Boba. They are used in the same way, and the variety of taste variants makes them an exceptionally attractive alternative. 

Why choose our molecular caviar for Bubble Tea?

As a recognized distributor of beverage products in Poland, we attach great importance to the ingredients from which our products are made. Bubble Tea balls are a food product, so it is crucial for us to meet the highest quality standards. In addition, the bob popping balls from our offer are produced in Poland. In this way we support our native market, which is not inferior to its foreign competitors.

Taste variations of caviar to Bubble Tea

In our store you will find all the most popular flavors of cracking balls for Bubble Tea. The taste variants of our popping bob have been entirely developed on the basis of fruit syrups without adding harmful preservatives. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the available flavors.