Bombillas for yerba mate

The most important element of the yerba mate brewing set is the bombilla, i.e. a dedicated straw with a characteristic strainer used to strain the leaves from the infusion. Bombillas for yerba mate are usually made of metal (alpaca, stainless steel, silver), as well as glass and wood.

Due to the material and shape of the filter, there are the following types of yerba straws:

  • Bombilla for yerba mate with a spoon-shaped filter - dedicated to yerba with stems
  • Bombilla for yerba mate ended with a metal spring acting as a strainer
  • Bombilla with double filter
  • Bombilla with a triple filter (so-called Bombilla for dusty yerba)
  • Bamboo bombilla
  • Silver bombilla
  • Alpaca bombilla
  • Glass bombilla

When buying a yerba tube, it is also worth getting a special brush for cleaning the bombilla from the inside.

Which yerba mate bombilla is the best?

The most popular are yerba mate bombillas made of stainless steel or alpaca. Alpaca is a silver-like material, also known as white silver. Alpaca bombillas are not only practical but also inexpensive. An alternative to metal are yerba straws made of wood, bamboo and glass.

Among the many types of yerba straws, you can find models such as bombilla mercedes, bombilla tesoro, bombilla grande with a stone, bombilla liza, bombilla lira, bombilla martin fierro, bombilla muelle, bombilla santiago or bombilla andes.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we have created our own range of coldsea bombillas, which includes the best and most proven solutions of yerba mate enthusiasts.

Bombillas for yerba mate in our shop

Our shop offers a wide selection of yerba mate bombillas, the most popular of which are presented below.

  • Bombilla triple filter 190 mm (with triple filter)

Bombilla with triple filter, suitable for all yerba mate species, including those with fine, dusty drought. Due to its considerable length, it is suitable for both medium and large fabrics. The modular, unscrewed design facilitates cleaning. Bombilla was equipped with a cooling ring.

  • Bombilla standard 175 mm

Classic and reliable construction. Perfect for drinking yerba mate and regular tea. Bombilla effectively protects against leaves and stems, but is not recommended for drinking dusty yerba.

  • Bombilla spring 165 mm (with triple filter)

Bombilla with triple mesh filter, suitable for all types of yerba mate. Highest protection against dust. The unscrewed parts of the straw enable easy cleaning. Equipped with a cooling ring that reduces the effect of heating the mouthpiece. Standard length, suitable for small to medium size fabrics.