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Bubble Tea Straws

What straws for Bubble Tea?

An essential element of every Bubble Tea is a thick straw whose diameter must be large enough to allow tapioca or Popping Bob's balls to pass through it. In the 1980s in Taiwan, when the Bubble Tea was only just making its debut on the local market, the drink was served with a tapioca tablespoon. Today, this function is performed by specially designed straws for Bubble Tea, which are not only practical and comfortable to use, but also impressive and elegant.

Metal straws for Bubble Tea

The metal straws for Bubble Tea in our store's offer are made of high quality stainless steel. The surface of the tubes is covered by the ScratchProof mosaic, which decorates the product 

and protects it from scratches. The straws for Bubble Tea are covered with a titanium coating, which additionally strengthens their structure. 

Bubble Tea metal straws are thick straws with an internal diameter of 11 mm, which makes them suitable for bubble tea and very thick cocktails. Their length is adapted to standard glasses and disposable Bubble Tea containers.

Our Bubble Tea straws are dishwasher safe, but they can also be cleaned by hand using the included cleaning tool. They are free of harmful compounds, ecological (due to their reusable function), durable and non-corrosive. They work well in bars and restaurants, which consistently move away from disposable plastic straws. 

Glass straws for Bubble Tea

In addition to metal straws for Bubble Tea, our offer also includes glass straws made of high-quality borosilicate glass. They are characterized by high resistance to mechanical, thermal and chemical damage. They do not crack under the influence of sudden temperature change, they do not dissolve as a result of contact with strong chemicals and they break much less often as a result of impact or fall from height.

Glass straws for Bubble Tea are thick tubes with an inside diameter of 10 mm. The increased diameter allows you to drink Bubble Tea with the addition of tapioca balls or fruit popping bob balls.

The glass straws for Bubble Tea are free of BPA and harmful chemicals, and are therefore completely safe for health. They do not affect the taste of the drink. They can be washed in the dishwasher, and thanks to its reusability it does not harm the environment.