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Bubble Tea Syrups

What are Bubble Tea syrups for?

Fruit syrup is the basis of a well prepared Bubble Tea. Created on the basis of natural fruit juices, it perfectly brings out the taste from every bubble tea and creates countless flavor variants of the drink. Bubble Tea syrup is also widely used in the preparation of all kinds of desserts, cakes and drinks.

What flavors do we offer?

How many people, tastes and taste preferences. And since there is no discussion about tastes, we offer many different flavors of Bubble Tea syrup especially for you. Take a look at our offer and choose your favorite.

What is included in Bubble Tea syrups?

Taking care of our customers' health, we select products that will be not only tasty but also healthy. The Bubble Tea syrups we offer are produced in Poland from concentrated fruit juices. Their exceptional density guarantees high product performance. Bubble Tea syrup does not air with time and retains its taste and smell for an exceptionally long time.