Reusable glass straws for beverages, drinks, Coldsea tubes

Glass Straws

Glass straws - the most important features

Glass straws are one of the most popular variants among reusable straws. Made of break-resistant and thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass, they are an extremely durable and practical alternative to plastic disposables. Due to its special properties, borosilicate glass is much more durable than standard glass. Its low thermal conductivity makes glass drinking tubes suitable for the consumption of both cold and hot drinks. They can also be washed in a dishwasher or by hand with a special cleaner. Thanks to the unique parameters of borosilicate glass, reusable glass straws are an investment for many years.

Advantages of glass straws:

  • Glass straws are a reusable product
  • Durable thanks to the use of borosilicate glass
  • They do not conduct heat
  • They do not change the taste of the drink
  • Glamorous and elegant
  • Safe for health, do not contain harmful compounds
  • Environmentally safe, recyclable
  • Smooth and rounded edges ensure comfort of use

Properties of borosilicate glass

Good quality glass drinking straws should be made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass, due to the high content of silicon dioxide in relation to ordinary glass, shows much greater resistance to cracks, scratches and mechanical damage. Borosilicate glass drinking straws are also resistant to thermal shock and will not break during sharp changes in temperature due to the presence of boron in the melt. The third most important feature of borosilicate glass is its chemical resistance, thanks to which the glass and the chemicals with which it comes into contact do not penetrate each other. Therefore, the use of glass drinking straws is completely safe for health.

Glass straws

Glass drink tubes are widely used in gastronomy and in home use. As reusable straws, they are more and more often used in bars and restaurants, which, in the light of the new regulations on plastic disposables, are looking for an ecological and durable alternative to plastics.

Glass straws are also great at home. Due to their durability, they can replace hundreds of plastic pipes, which translates into savings in the long run. However, their elegant and effective design means that glass straws for drinks can be an additional decorative function of the drink and the table.

Types of glass drinking straws

Reusable glass straws can come in a variety of sizes and colors. There are the following types of glass drinking straws:

  • clear or colored glass straws
  • short glass straws for glasses (10 cm)
  • long glass straws for mugs and tall glasses (24 cm)
  • thick glass straws for smoothies and thick drinks
  • very thick glass straws for Bubble Tea (diameter 10-12 mm)
  • straight or curved glass straws

Glass straws in our store

In our store, we offer the largest selection of glass straws in Poland. All straws we offer are made of resistant borosilicate glass. The quality and material of workmanship guarantee durability for many years of use.

We offer classic transparent straws and a wide range of colorful drinking straws. We created the color sets we proposed with all tastes and aesthetic preferences in mind. In our store you will find glass straws tailored to specific types of glasses, dishes, drinks and beverages. The tubes we offer differ in size and shape - depending on the needs. Our glass tubes are perfect for bars and restaurants, where savings resulting from the use of reusable straws and their unique aesthetic qualities are appreciated.