Matcha, green tea with unique properties, for COLDSEA latte


What is matcha?

Matcha is a Japanese, powdered green tea that came to the country of the blooming cherry trees from China thanks to Buddhist monks. Matcha has been brewed by the Japanese during the traditional tea ceremony for over 800 years. It is made from dried and powdered Chinese tea leaves, called tencha, which are shielded from the sun during the last weeks of growth so that they can mature in the shade. This is why the matcha color is so intensely bright green.

Matcha - health properties and action

It is not without reason that matcha is a Japanese powdered tea with wonderful health properties. Matcha green tea, its action and impact on the human body are the subject of more and more scientific studies, during which the following theses were developed:

  • Matcha green tea contains natural antioxidants - catechins - that have anti-cancer properties.
  • Regular consumption of the so-called matcha tea lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Green tea powder prevents the development of heart disease and type B diabetes.
  • Matcha stimulates and supports concentration (thanks to the high caffeine content).
  • Japanese matcha green tea cleanses the body of toxins.
  • There are no contraindications for consuming matcha during pregnancy.

Types of matcha green tea

Japanese green matcha tea is divided into several types depending on its consistency, leaf quality, production technique, brewing method, and even matcha color. It is most often divided into ceremonial, premium and culinary matcha. The ceremonial variety is the best matcha, used during the tea ceremony. Premium comes from the second harvest, is slightly inferior in quality and is used for everyday use. On the other hand, culinary matcha tea is harvested during the third harvest, it is the weakest in terms of species and is most often used as an addition to dishes. A separate type of matcha is the so-called Moya Matcha, or Japanese green matcha tea obtained from organic, traditional crops in the Uji region.

It is difficult to determine which matcha is the best. It is a matter of taste and individual taste preferences. It is certainly worth investing in the so-called bio matcha, i.e. the one that comes from organic, ecological crops.

Matcha tea - how to make it yourself at home?

There are two methods of brewing matcha: dry and soothe. The first of them is used in everyday consumption, while the second one is used during official tea ceremonies. Before you, a short and simple instruction entitled "How to brew Japanese matcha tea" (brewing using the usucha method):

Pour a teaspoon of matcha into the mug, and then pour 100 ml of water heated to 80 ° C. Mix everything thoroughly with a special matcha whisk. Then add another portion of water until the desired intensity and matcha flavor are achieved. A teaspoon of matcha should be enough for a maximum of 250 ml of matcha tea. We select the proportions of water and powder individually. The intensity of matcha flavor depends entirely on us.

An alternative to warm matcha is the so-called cold matcha. Tea brewed in cool water is sweeter, less tart and additionally refreshing.

Matcha latte - recipe

Matcha latte, as you can guess, is simply matcha tea with milk. For lovers of milk macha, the recipe below:

Ingredients: 50 ml of water at 80 ° C, a teaspoon of your favorite powdered matcha, 250 ml of milk, optionally a teaspoon of honey.

Milk matcha - preparation: Combine matcha with water and mix it thoroughly with a special matcha whisk. Add honey and mix again until the ingredients are completely combined. Heat the milk and then froth it well. Pour the prepared milk foam into a cup with matcha. And ready!

Matcha tea - how many times a day can you drink?

There are no restrictions on this. How often we will drink matcha depends only on us.

Matcha green tea accessories

How to drink matcha tea? Your adventure with matcha should first of all start with collecting a few necessary accessories, which include:

  • Chawan or matchawan, which is a matcha cup for making tea
  • Chasen, a bamboo matcha whisk for mixing and frothing the drink
  • Chashaku, a bamboo spoon for measuring matcha
  • Matcha set, a ready-made set of accessories + tea packaging

Individual accessories as well as complete matcha kits can be found in stores specializing in the sale of drink accessories. For beginners, we recommend the purchase of a ready-made matcha set, which, in addition to the matcha cup and broom, also includes a package of tea.

Matcha drinks

Matcha is also used to make beverages that are a bottled version of cold matcha. The so-called matcha drinks are based only on natural ingredients, without the addition of preservatives, artificial colors or sugars. Matcha drinks available on the Polish market are fully organic and healthy. They are a great option for people who follow a strict diet and those who care about healthy eating. They are also a great alternative to sweet and unhealthy drinks. They have a refreshing effect and improve your well-being.

Matcha at the Coldsea store

If you are wondering where to buy matcha tea or ready-made, professional matcha sets, we invite you to visit our store. Matcha tea in the Coldsea store enjoys exceptional interest, which proves its high quality and affordable price. Matcha and related accessories (including matcha sets) are an integral part of our offer, which is created based only on natural and ecological products. Matcha tea at Coldsea has a reputation for rejuvenating and slimming, so why not try it? Welcome!

Matcha tea green tea powder | 100g | 10 pcs
Matcha is a green tea powder with an intense green color. For centuries closely related to Japanese tradition and culture, it is considered the most valuable type of tea. It is valued for its pro-health properties, as a rich source of catechins and antioxidants.
Matcha tea green tea Premium | 100g | 10 pcs
Matcha is a green tea powder with an intense green color. For centuries closely related to Japanese tradition and culture, it is considered the most valuable type of tea. It is valued for its pro-health properties, as a rich source of catechins and antioxidants.
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