Metal Straws

Metal Straws

Coldsea metal straws - the most important features

Metal straws from our offer are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, a material dedicated to applications in the food industry. Each of the straws is covered with an extremely durable titanium coating, significantly increasing the strength and anti-corrosion properties of the product. It is titanium that is responsible for the unusual colors of our tubes. The coating itself is created in the process of galvanization, i.e. joining metals together on the surface of straws. It is the only dyeing method that guarantees durability and safety during the entire period of use.

The distinguishing feature of our metal straws is their mosaic surface. The pattern adorning our product is not only a unique decoration - it mainly protects the tubes from scratches. Scratches commonly occur on the surface of smooth metal straws, and ScratchProof technology is the solution to this problem.

All this makes metal reusable straws a purchase for years. The use of the best quality materials guarantees resistance to mechanical damage and corrosion. Their durability has been confirmed in the particularly demanding HoReCa industry, where straws are subject to numerous work cycles during each day. Metal drinking tubes are suitable for washing in a dishwasher, the titanium coating will cope with even the most demanding conditions and overloads. Also important, Coldsea straws do not change the taste of the drinks. This problem concerns tubes made of low-quality materials, from which metallic particles migrate directly to the drink.

Why are metal reusable straws an eco-friendly choice?

Metal straws are reusable straws. Due to the durability of the steel, one metal straw can replace thousands of plastic straws. Durable and reusable products are the best solutions in the consumer world. There are many things that are thrown away after a single use, including straws, cups and food containers. Undoubtedly, reusable items should be used on a daily basis, and disposable items only in exceptional justified needs.

An additional advantage of straws made of steel is the ease with which they can be recycled. Selective collection of steel is used on a large scale - this is due to the fact that the entire process is economically justified. This means that the revenues obtained from the processing of the raw material exceed the total costs of the entire recovery process. In addition, our straws do not contain any harmful compounds and microelements. Even if the product is not recycled, we can be sure that it will not harm the environment in any way.

We approach the subject of ecology globally. Our straws are packed in packages made of ecological paper with FSC certificate. We print the boxes using the modern H-UV method.

By choosing eco straws made of metal, you support the environment and fight the excess plastic on our planet.

Why are our metal drinking tubes the best?

Our drinking straws, as the only ones in Poland, have an embossed ScratchProof mosaic, which makes them an improved version of ordinary smooth metal straws.

We chose the angle and location of the straw bend based on our knowledge and experience. Thanks to this, the sets that are in our offer are suitable for the vast majority of glasses and mugs in our kitchens and dining rooms.

Each of our straws is covered with a titanium layer, which makes them more durable.

Straw sets have original packaging designed with ecological materials in mind. They are perfect for a gift.

Rainbow or silver straws? Thick, thin, long or short tubes?

We offer the widest selection of metal straws in Poland.

We have straws of various lengths, adapted to each type of vessel. Reusable straws are our horse, hence our offer includes such delicacies as long straws suitable for drinking straight from the bottle. For martinis lovers, we recommend the shortest ones to drink from a small glass.

High quality 

Our team consists of perfectionists. At every step, we make sure that the product you receive meets all, even the most sophisticated expectations. The sets of metal straws created by us have been refined in every detail - from the selection of colors, through the optimization of the production process, to the way of packaging.

We conduct a thorough quality control - each of our metal straws passes it several times, and the production process itself is constantly improved and developed. Thanks to this approach, we are appreciated by our clients, both retail and business. Our straws can be found in many bars, restaurants and hotels all over Poland.

Stainless steel - a safe metal for contact with food

Metal together with glass is the safest material intended to come into contact with food. There is a reason why all the pots and pans in our kitchen are made of metal. 304 stainless steel contains a large amount of chromium and nickel, which makes the straws made of it hygienic and resistant to corrosion. By design, the steel is free from harmful compounds typical for plastics, such as Bisphenol A (BPA). There are also no harmful heavy metals - arsenic, cadmium, lead.

Colored straws are colored in the electroplating process, which also translates into the safety of the finished product. Titanium enhances the anti-corrosive properties of the steel, and the coating itself forms a permanent structure with the substrate. Thanks to this, no undesirable particle will be in the drink, and the color itself will please your eyes for years.

The confirmation of the safety of Coldsea metal straws is the International Quality Certificate, issued based on positive results of laboratory tests. The tests were carried out in accordance with restrictive European standards. Confirmation of compliance with the national requirements is a Certificate issued by the State Sanitary Inspectorate.

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