• Ginger tea - warms and heals
    Ginger tea - warms and heals

    Peel the ginger root , cut into slices, put in a saucepan, pour water over it and cook, covered, for 15 minutes. After cooling down, add squeezed lemon juice and honey to the infusion. Pour the drink into glasses. Add your favorite additions to each glass as you wish: orange slices, fresh raspberries, dried cranberries, cinnamon and cardamom.

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  • Matcha - powder tea with miraculous properties
    Matcha - powder tea with miraculous properties

    While the consumption of matcha is gradually declining in Japan , its popularity is systematically growing in the wider West. This is mainly due to the numerous health properties assigned to it, which appeal to an increasingly aware society. Until recently, an innovative product known only to enthusiasts of healthy food and Japanese culture, today an increasingly popular item on the menu of European cafes. And although in Japan matcha is used primarily in the preparation of tea , in Europe...

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  • Latte Art: 4 steps to perfectly microfoam. Guide
    Latte Art: 4 steps to perfectly microfoam. Guide

    One of the barista's most impressive skills is the art of creating latte art. This type of coffee decoration, also called  coffee art , gives a lot of room for creativity, which can only be limited by your imagination. Latte Art is the art of creating patterns and drawings on the surface of coffee with frothed milk,  perfected by the most experienced baristas. Fashion for this type of decorations came to us from overseas, where it developed in the 1980s.

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  • Length and diameter of drinking straw. Which straw to choose?
    Length and diameter of drinking straw. Which straw to choose?

    Drinking straws come in many different sizes. If we are considering purchasing a reusable straw, its size is even more important. It is best to choose a straw to your needs and the vessel that will be used most often. The table below is helpful when choosing straws in terms of length and diameter.

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  • Garnish coctail. The art of decorating drinks
    Garnish coctail. The art of decorating drinks

    In recent times, we have been paying more and more attention to the aesthetic value of consumed dishes and drinks. We like it when the served dish looks impressive on the plate, and the prepared drink delights with its unique appearance. Meal celebration has become a fashion that is fueled by the ever-growing number of internet and TV chefs. Apart from the chefs, a wide range of possibilities is available for bartenders, for whom "garnishing", or decorating drinks, has become a popular...

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  • Homemade compote from Polish seasonal fruit. Recipe
    Homemade compote from Polish seasonal fruit. Recipe

    1. We wash the fruit, cut it, and remove the seeds and seeds. Boil water with sugar and vanilla sugar in a large pot. 2. Put fruit on boiling water. We add cinnamon and cloves (depending on your taste) 3. Cook for 15 minutes over moderate heat until the fruit is tender. 4. Remove from heat and cool for at least 10 minutes. Over time, the compote will take on more flavor. It can be seasoned with mint leaves.

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  • Plastic straws replacements
    Plastic straws replacements

    The idea of sustainable development, i.e. one in which the needs of the present generation can be satisfied without reducing the chances of future generations to meet them, is currently a very popular trend in the beverage industry in Poland and in the world. In the last few years, the global awareness of the ecological crisis has increased significantly, and many countries, including Poland, have introduced regulations restricting or prohibiting the sale of certain single-use plastic...

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  • Drinking straw decorations. How to use straws for drinks?
    Drinking straw decorations. How to use straws for drinks?

    Summer is fast approaching in many parts of the world, and refreshing drinks are swarming in bars and restaurants. Most of them are served with a straw, which most often ends up in the garbage after use. It's a pity, because even used tubes can be reused and using only your own imagination to create unique home crafts. Playing with the creation of ornaments and decorations with drinking straws is a great idea for long winter evenings and time spent with children. 

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  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea

    Bubble tea, i.e. a  frozen drink based on tea leaves with the addition of tapioca and milk balls  , came to Europe from the Far East, and  more precisely from the island in the Pacific Ocean - Taiwan. And despite the fact that he has been serving our tables for only a few years, he has managed to win the hearts of thousands of Poles fascinated by the original combination of flavors and unusual consistency. And although its name does not sound natural and is associated with chemical additives...

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