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  • Yerba Mate Drinks
    Yerba Mate Drinks

    Drinks based on yerba mate Yerba Mate in a bottle is one of the many ways of infusing Paraguayan holly. Drinks based on yerba mate not only refresh, but also stimulate and put you in a good mood. They are perfect for situations where we cannot brew yerba in a traditional way. Yerba mate drinks come in different flavors, with or without carbonated versions. Their composition is based on yerba extract enriched with additional ingredients of purely natural origin. They do not contain...

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  • Yerbomos, the thermose for yerba
    Yerbomos, the thermose for yerba

    Yerbomos is nothing more than a compact thermos for yerba mate. The Argentine invention was created for those yerba lovers who do not have time for traditional brewing or are on the go. Yerbomos is a 3-in-1, i.e. a combination of a thermos, bombilla and matera. It works perfectly outside the home: on the road, at work or during hiking or cycling trips. And although yerbomos is called a yerba thermos, you should bear in mind that it does not keep the temperature of the drink as long as a...

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  • Yerba Mate sets
    Yerba Mate sets

    The yerba mate starter kit usually consists of a package of the selected dried material, matero and bombilla. The individual elements of the so-called yerba starter depend on individual preferences. There are at least several dozen types of dried fruit available on the market: classic, flavored, with additives, weaker or stronger. The same is with the brewing vessels, or matero. Most often, yerba mate sets include classic ceramics, although you can also find wooden or metal ones.

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  • Yerba Mate Leaves
    Yerba Mate Leaves

    Types and flavor varieties of yerba mate Depending on the composition of yerba mate, used additives and brewing methods, the following divisions and types of yerba are distinguished: despalada, or yerba made of only leaves, no stalks (no sticks) cocido, or yerba mate in sachets yerba mate compuesta, or yerba with additives (eg yerba mate mint, yerba mate with guarana) tereré, or yerba mate cold brewed yerba mate dried with air or smoke from the hearth strong or weak yerba mate - the strength...

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  • Bamboo Straws
    Bamboo Straws

    Bamboo straws are extremely light and 100% natural, reusable straws. Made of one of the hardest types of wood on our planet, they are extremely durable and resistant to damage. They do not soften, break and do not significantly affect the taste of the drink. Due to their completely natural origin, bamboo drinking straws are fully biodegradable, which makes them completely safe for the environment. The bamboo tube is also a great alternative to the plastic straw, which has been banned from...

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  • Hot Chocolate
    Hot Chocolate

    Hot drinking chocolate Drinking chocolate, commonly known as drinking chocolate, is a drink that was brought to Europe from the New World. In a traditional recipe, it is made of dark chocolate with the addition of milk and sweet cream. Drinking chocolate is usually consumed hot, but of course it can also be prepared cold. Cold drinking chocolate was known in Europe as early as the nineteenth century, as were its variants with a blend of coffee, hot or white chocolate.

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  • Yerba Mate - properties and history
    Yerba Mate - properties and history

    Not all caffeine drinks encountered by Europeans during the colonial expansion have caught on in the old continent. The indigenous peoples of the Americas have known at least several types of caffeinated plants for centuries, yet only cocoa has been popularized on a massive scale in Europe. One of the blessings of the New World that, despite its discovery, did not take root overseas was yerba mate. The name, most probably invented by the Jesuits, comes from the Latin word  herba , meaning...

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  • Borosilicate glass - properties
    Borosilicate glass - properties

    The exact date and place where glass was invented is a mystery. It is known, however, that as early as four thousand years ago our prehistoric ancestors in Mesopotamia discovered that by heating sand with ash, you can obtain a hard, translucent material. It was from there that the glass prototype arrived via trade routes to Europe. However, it differed significantly from its current version - it was matte and opaque.

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  • PLA straws - is it a good alternative to plastic straws?
    PLA straws - is it a good alternative to plastic straws?

    The topic of plastic pollution of our planet has been raised many times. Environmentalists sound the alarm - tons of plastic flooding the world degrade the natural environment, kill animals living in seas and oceans, and end up in the human food chain through the back door. Microplastic  is in the food we find on our plates, in the water we  drink , and even in the salt crystals we use in the kitchen.

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  • Sake, or samurai rice liquor
    Sake, or samurai rice liquor

    From time immemorial, alcohol has accompanied mankind and has been an element of its cultural heritage. In many parts of the world, it occupies a place of honor in human life, consistently scrolling through the turbulent fortunes of individual nations as an object of worship, adoration and inspiration. The Japanese are no exception. Many centuries ago, using the good of nature and favorable natural conditions, they began to mix their basic food - rice, with clean water and mold spores called...

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  • Rakija, a story about the fiery water of the Balkans
    Rakija, a story about the fiery water of the Balkans

    Just as rum inspired sea explorers, the sake of Japanese shoguns, and Bourbon inspired cowboys from the Wild West, rakija has been a source of inspiration for travelers across the Balkans for centuries. Everyone who has been to the southern borders of Europe must have encountered the local fiery water, which ignites not only hearts, but also minds. An old Latin proverb says:  Omne trium perfectum,  meaning "all that is threefold is perfect" and this is also the case with rakija - it revives...

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  • Why has the EU banned plastic straws and disposable products?
    Why has the EU banned plastic straws and disposable products?

    As a result of the progressive degradation of the natural environment and increasing ecological trends in global consumption, the European Parliament on March 27, 2019 supported the directive  banning the sale of single-use plastic products . Member States have until 2021 to implement EU provisions. 

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