Yerba Mate thermos

Yerbomos, or thermoses for yerba

Yerbomos is nothing more than a compact thermos for yerba mate. The Argentine invention was created for those yerba lovers who do not have time for traditional brewing or are on the go. Yerbomos is a 3-in-1, i.e. a combination of a thermos, bombilla and matera. It works perfectly outside the home: on the road, at work or during hiking or cycling trips. And although yerbomos is called a yerba thermos, you should bear in mind that it does not keep the temperature of the drink as long as a classic thermos. That is why yerbomosy have great reviews among tereré lovers.

Yerbosmos and matermo

Matermo is a 2-in-1 yerba mate thermos. The vessel combines the functions of a mattress and a thermos, but does not have a bombilla. Thanks to this, it keeps the temperature of the drink longer than yerbomos. Materma is equipped with an overlay with a strainer, thanks to which you can drink yerba directly

from a thermos.

Yerbomos - how to use?

Yerbomos, i.e. a thermos for yerba mate is a vessel for the preparation and direct consumption of all kinds of infusions. Here is a short instruction on how yerbomos works and how to brew yerba mate in it:

  1. Remove the cap with the bombilla from the yerbomos
  2. Pour water into the bottle (about 75% of its volume)
  3. Remove the lid from the cap and pour dry into it (approx. 50% of its volume)
  4. Close the lid, put the cap back on the yerbomos and wait for the yerba mate to brew

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